What our clients have to say about Simasko Law.

There is nothing more satisfying to us than a client who benefits from our efforts – it’s the reason we do what we do. When a client tells their story to others, it’s the highest compliment we can receive. Our thanks to those who chose to share their personal experiences.


“I had made so many mistakes, that I didn’t know I was making. I am very thankful for having Pat [Simasko Law] come into my life.” Barbara, Client  Click here for Barbara’s full story

“Pat [Simasko Law] was so easy to work with and so personable. If you need anything Pat [Simasko Law] is definitely the person to go to.” Alicia, Client  Click here for Alicia’s full story

“There’s nobody in the world like him [Simasko Law]. And Pat [Simasko Law] saved me a lot of money.” Barb, Client  Click here for Barb’s full story

“Pat [Simasko Law] did all the work. He took away a lot of the pressure that I was feeling all the time.” Robert, Client  Click here for Robert’s full story

“Pat [Simasko Law] was able to work with us, do it for us, so we were able to get by …” Lorraine, Client  Click here for Lorraine’s full story

“It went very well with Pat [Simasko Law]. I went to him with a very short amount of time with what we needed to do.” Agnes, Client  Click here for Agnes’ full story