There are many misconceptions regarding Medicaid law and long-term care issues. Seniors and their families often arrive at our office worried and confused as a result of struggling to understand unfamiliar legal terms and areas of law. And with good reason – their future depends on it.

You need a highly qualified attorney to guide you through the legal complexities of elder care and potentially devastating nursing home costs. At Simasko Law, we provide extensive legal advice to assist clients in planning and qualifying for Medicaid. We’ve helped hundreds of seniors protect their entire life savings through effective Medicaid strategies.

Our attorneys will break down your legal options and present them in simple, understandable language. Count on us to explain the laws surrounding Medicaid and Estate Planning, the best sequence of actions to take in applying for Medicaid, and how nursing homes operate. As a result, you’ll know what to expect and be empowered to make sound decisions that will protect your assets and your loved ones.