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Michigan Probate Estate Planning Attorney Scott Bright

When A Disinheritance Is Not A Disinheritance

In general, I personally do not like to see children being disinherited by their parents. However, sometimes there are very good reasons why a parent may choose to disinherit a child. After all, I have always told clients that as long as an individual is competent and not under anyone’s undue influence, that individual should […]

Michigan Family Law Criminal Law Attorney Sandra Harrison

How A New Case Law May Affect A Conservator Appointed For Your Loved One

In a yet unpublished opinion of the Michigan Court of Appeals, decided on September 8, 2015; the Court reversed a Probate Court’s decision to appoint a Conservator for a 74 year old woman suffering from a cognitive impairment brought about by Vascular Dementia. She underwent an independent medical examination with a psychologist who found she […]

Michigan Wealth Preservation Attorney Kate Lynn Ringler

Why DIY Documents Won’t Protect You

“I just printed my Power of Attorney from the internet.” “I went to the county and picked up a statutory deed form.” “I wrote my own will.” “Now that we have Google, we don’t need an estate planning lawyer. We can do everything on our own.” With the rise of the internet, information is at […]

Partner Attorney Patrick Simasko

The Probate Debate

Well, it’s Spring, tax time is over and the year is 1/2 over. Now should be the time to review, update or prepare your estate plan. I bring this up because I just read a recent study that showed less than ½ the retirees in Michigan have estate plans or the necessary documents to avoid […]

Five Q’s: Patrick Simasko on Inherited IRA’s

Partner Attorney Patrick Simasko

Supreme Court Ruling on Inherited IRA’s

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ On June 16, 2014 the United States Supreme Court says “NO”; Inherited IRA’s are no longer protected from creditors or BANKRUPTCY. The Supreme Court explained that Inherited IRAs are not really retirement accounts. Unlike traditional Retirement Accounts, beneficiaries are not allowed to contribute additional funds into these accounts, they cannot be rolled […]