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At Simasko Law we provide a broad range of legal services; practicing most areas of law to meet all of our client's needs. However, we are probably best known for our work in "Elder Law" — which we consider an interesting term. The truth of the matter is, no matter what phase of life you're in, having a legal strategy in place is one of the smartest moves you can make. It's how you can safeguard your family, your assets, and your wishes in any situation.

Elder Law

James Simasko & Patrick Simasko of Simasko Law, P.C.

James Simasko & Patrick Simasko

Are You Worried About
Outliving Your Money?

Enjoy the life you've worked for, with an Estate Plan from Simasko Law.

Are You Entitled To
Veterans Benefits?

Our experts will guide you through the VA aid and attendance benefits process to make sure you receive the benefits you or your spouse have earned.

Practice Areas

Elder Law

Elder Law encompasses assisted living and nursing home care, planning and qualifying for Medicaid, asset protection, wills and trusts, powers of attorney and advance directives (living wills).

Criminal Law

Having a proven, respected attorney at your side from the earliest stages of your case is your best chance at a positive result.

Personal Injury Law

An injury can compromise your health, your wages and your peace of mind. When this occurs due to the fault or negligence of another, you have a legal right to be compensated for those losses.